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    Sam Mackay

    Hi Ashley, 

    We have a couple of improvements on this front that I feel will do a good job of addressing the current issues with Portfolio items.

    1. We'll be adding the ability to hide certain portfolio types from the Learner Portal completely
    2. We'll be adding the ability to include Portfolio Types within Learning Plans. This would mean you could prevent Learners from commencing their study until they had provided certain Portfolio items. Otherwise, this would at least bring them to a more prominent location with the ability to add your own contextual instructions for each.

    We'll also consider the additional solutions you've included in your post as some further improvements we could plan to do. 

    Looking forward to hearing any feedback on the above solutions.



    Lead Product Designer at aXcelerate

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  • AUS-MEAT Training Admin

    Absolutely agree!!  It currently doesn't fit with what we what/need students to find or upload in there.

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